• What happens after we make a booking?

Once the advance payment for the shoot is made, I will book a date and time for your shoot and kick off the planning process to discuss the outfits, look and feel of the session.  

  • What is the best time of the day to get an outdoor shoot?

Outdoor sessions are either done early in the morning around 7.15am onwards or in the evening around 5.00pm onwards, when the light is the best. The duration of the session depends on the package chosen. 

  • What if I want to cancel my session, will I get a refund?

If a session is cancelled 7 days prior to the confirmed date, I will offer a 100% refund. However if a session is cancelled less than 7 days before a session, the advance payment will be forfeited. 

  • What if I want to reschedule my session?

In case you really need to reschedule a session for any reason, please reach out and we can discuss a revised date and time based on mutual availability. 

  • What if it rains on the day of an outdoor shoot?

Singapore weather can be very unpredictable so in case it rains on the day of the shoot, I will be happy to reschedule the session. However the new slot will depend on my availability and 

  • How many days in advance should we make a booking?

Newborn sessions should be booked before the baby arrives. 

For all other sessions, a three weeks notice is good enough if you are flexible about weekdays. But if you are looking for a weekend slot, then please reach out at the earliest possible as these get booked almost two months in advance.

Newborn Photography

  • What is the best time to plan a newborn session?

The best time to plan a shoot is between 7 – 14 days of birth. We can do pictures later than that, but post this period it’s hard to guarantee the sleepy and curled up newborn style pictures (sleepy curled up baby)

  • What preparation do the parents need to do before a session?

Once the shoot is confirmed, I will send a newborn prep guide to help prepare for the session. 

  • Are outfits for the family provided?

No, outfits for the family are not provided for a newborn session. However I will work closely with the parents to help them choose outfits that will go well with the overall look and feel of the shoot. 

  • What should I prepare for the baby?

Nothing! I will bring all the props, wraps, outfits, backdrops for the newborn session. I would need the baby to be fully fed and massaged/bathed before we start the session. I will take care of everything else 🙂

  • Where will the shoot take place?

The shoot will happen from the comfort of your home. Once the session is confirmed, I will reach out to understand more about the space available and the natural light situation in your house and accordingly will plan the session. 

  • When should the session be booked?

It is best to book the newborn session before the baby arrives. This helps guarantee a slot and also finish the planning for the session before the baby arrives. A tentative slot is booked based on the expected due date and once baby is born, we will agree on a date and time for for your session

  • What’s the typical duration of a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are totally led by the little humans. We give enough time for feeding and diaper change breaks in the middle. However you can assume anything between 3-4 hours for a newborn session.

  • Do you do fresh 48 in the hospital when the baby is just born?

Yes, I can come to the hospital and capture those first moments of your baby’s life.

Maternity Photography

  • What is the best time to plan a maternity session?

The best time to do a maternity session is between 30 and 35 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Do you provide hair and make up services?

The services are not included in the session but I will be happy to recommend hair and make up artists who I have worked with.

  • Will my shoot happen indoors or outdoors?

Totally depends on what you want! 🙂 We can collaboratively decide a venue to do your session. You could either go for an indoor session or an outdoor session or even both. However I personally recommend that if you are going for an indoor + outdoor session, then you schedule them as two separate sessions on different days as it can quite tiring for the mom to be

  • Do you provide props for the session?

My style is more candid and natural so I don’t really prefer to use props for maternity sessions. However if you would like to include anything sentimental like a scan or your wedding rings, please do bring them along for the session.

Family Photography

  • Will you help choose outfits? What kind of clothes should we wear for the shoot?

Yes, once the shoot is confirmed, I will work closely with you to plan the outfits for the shoot. 

I recommend neutral clothes, in soft pastels ideally. Whites, creams, beige, peach, light blue, yellow etc look really good. Please avoid logos, patterns and printed clothes as they tend to take the attention away from the expressions. 

  • Can we go to different locations in one shoot?

We could, depending on the package you choose. However multiple locations take time and can be tiring so I recommend doing them on different days, if possible.