A glittery maternity session at the beach!

I always do a recce of the place I am shooting at, in case I have never shot there before or if I haven’t been there in a long time. With the ever changing rules and regulations because of COVID, I decided to visit the beach location in advance to finalise the spots we will be shooting at and what permissions would be required. 

We decided to meet at 7am on the day, to make the most of the nice light. The moment we reached the beach, we realised that the beach was shut and would open only at 8am! Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to wait for an hour so I immediately thought of a backup location. We immediately left for that location and I constantly kept praying that it would be open for us to shoot. The moment we reached there, I felt so relieved to see that it was open! We managed to get some gorgeous shots at this location and then continued the shoot at the beach, as originally planned. 

And to my surprise, the moment I started packing up my cameras, it started raining! 

Even though I do a lot of outdoor sessions, the weather in Singapore is always very unpredictable. No matter how much you plan in advance and check the weather forecast, you can always be in for a surprise on the day of the session!

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