{Outdoor Maternity Session}

Raksha reached out to me very reluctantly for a maternity session. She was very sure about the newborn session but very unsure about the maternity session because she’s very conscious of the camera. I gave her full assurance that I will ensure she feels comfortable in front of the camera and with that we started prepping for the shoot.

We had multiple outfit consultation calls till she found the perfect outfits for the shoot. I lost count of the number of stores I sent her to for getting the right outfit 🙂

We met for our early morning session and she was still very unsure of how she would smile, how her pictures would come out. I just told her not to look at me and told her husband to crack silly jokes, that would make her smile 🙂 That’s it – the session was such a breeze after this and we got very lucky with the weather which helped us shoot for much longer. Raksha was ecstatic after receiving her photos and now I am patiently waiting for her baby to arrive to have the newborn session! 🙂

Make up and Hair by : Chandni Sahu

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