{Natural Light Lifestyle Newborn Session}

I think my love for natural light is well known by now! But with time I’ve realised how much I love lifestyle sessions, especially newborn sessions. A newborn session is typically done between 10 and 15 days of birth and usually the parents are tired, sleep deprived for these sessions.

Making them feel relaxed is my #1 priority. I aim to do all the session planning before the baby arrives. With lifestyle sessions, my aim is to capture the raw emotions of parents in a very relaxed setting from the comfort of their home.

I usually just let them hold the baby the way they are comfy and while they admire the new joy of their life, I capture pictures quietly from a distance, hoping to give them memories they can treasure for a long time!

I’ve also been following a few photographer’s @sarbury_photo_design work very closely because I absolutely adore how she approaches her sessions and the magic she creates! She continues to amaze and inspire me with every image she creates!

Categories: Baby, Family, Lifestyle, Newborn

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