{Outdoor First Birthday Portrait Session} Little Miss A!

My recent first birthday shoot was full of surprises 🙂 We had planned a family portrait session followed by an outdoor cake smash. I usually prefer to take family pictures before the cake smash because I am never sure how the kid will react to the cake and usually it gets so messy by the end of it, that it’s just easier to take the family pictures first and then do the cake smash right at the end.

Even though we always check the weather before planning a shoot, Singapore weather can always surprise you! I woke up on the day of the shoot and it was pouring. There was absolutely no way we could do the session. And considering that the cake had already been bought, we had to find another date when it wasn’t raining and before the cake went bad 🤣

Also I had done a thorough Recce of the location and knew exactly where I wanted to shoot but still on the day of the shoot I spotted this path covered in leaves which gave me such a nice fall vibe! I immediately rushed to the spot to take pictures. Luckily I got the timing right because ten mins later someone came and cleaned up the path and removed all the leaves 🙂 Well some surprises are so good, aren’t they? 🙂

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  1. Sharmista Menon

    I had been so busy taking care of my little one this past year that I realized that I hadn’t had any frameworthy pictures of us as a family. I reached out to Ashima when my daughter was about to turn one as I wanted some family moments captured. Ashima walked me through how she goes about her shoots and gave me her perspectives on what might work best. I’m so glad she did this shoot….I have some great pics going up on my walls now!

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